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Renters Insurance not only Protects You and Your Belongings it also Lowers Your Future Homeowner’s Premiums

If you rent your home, having insurance protection for yourself and your possessions is still very important. There is a misconception among many who rent a house or apartment that they are covered under the landlord’s policy and that just is not the case.  A landlord’s policy will cover the building structure, not a tenant’s personal property. So to not have renter’s insurance is a gamble that most renters can’t afford to make but it happens every day.

Just like with a homeowner’s policy, renter’s insurancecovers you in the event of fire, water damage, theft or other unforeseen situations that can leave one having to replace their belongings. It also provides personal liability coverage in the event someone is injured while visiting your home. The personal property coverage will cover items such as furniture, electronics, computers, jewelry, clothing, etc. It is a good idea to take inventory of items you own to decide what level of coverage makes you comfortable.

In addition to protecting yourself and your possessions, another reason to have renter’s insurance is to save on your premiums when you purchase a home. When you purchase a home and shop for homeowner’s insurance one of the questions asked is whether you have had prior insurance coverage. If you answer no, it is very likely your premium will be higher. Sometimes the increase is as much as 25% and many companies will not even offer a quote.

If you rent a house or apartment, make sure you have the coverage you need. Contact Lee Newsome at Curry Insurance for a quote on a renter’s insurance policy that can be tailored to fit your needs. It is very reasonably priced and could save you money in the future.

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